Holiday Buffet At Pak’s Green Cafe, Today

Today, Pak’s Green Cafe is having a buffet for $8.90. This includes pop. We went there for lunch today and had a great meal!  I know all the food I want to eat in the future.

Did I tell you that the buffet goes until 8:00 p.m. tonight? They do have beer there now. They are closed for the holidays so they are treating their customers to some great food. Everyone there loved it!!! Do I recommend it? Yes, I do! I wish I could go back for supper! Eat healthy, feel better!


What food did they have? Thai Fried Rice (V), Phad Thai with Chicken, Sweet & Sour with fried egg, Mock Duck delicious garlic (V), Chicken salad, sesame chicken (sample served, cream cheese wonton, curry chicken wings, chicken wings, mini curry puff (served at table), other surprises, sweet rice coconut cream with red bean (I LOVED THIS.) Coco Flan, great, Tapioca Cantaloupe, fresh fruit, holiday cookies, etc. etc. The cost is only $8.90.

You can find their food on Facebook, Pak’s Green Corner.

We love you Pak and Dan! Have a Merry Holiday!

Little kids picked a number and got a small gift; they were so excited.