Gynecological Cancers


It was another loss of a young women n the paper today with Melissa McGregor Voltz (Two Harbors) dying of gynecological cancer at age 39.  I remember her benefit last year that was so well attended.

This is the four women who we helped with a benefit  in a variety of ways this past year, and they have all passed. One died of ovarian cancer, one of gynecological cancer, and another of vulvar cancer. We are loosing too many women to gynecological cancer. These were women in the region. There are others who have died as well in the region, Circle of Hope was just not directly involved or knew of them until after the fact.

What are the facts?

There were 22,280 estimated cases of ovarian cancer in the U.S. in 2012. Ovarian cancer accounts for 3% of all cancers of women and 15,000  estimated deaths in 2012. 

There is uterine cervix cancer that includes 12,170 estimated invasive cases with 4,220 estimated deaths  in 2012.

There is endrometrium cancer of the uterine and it is estimated that there were 47,130 cases in 2012 with a death rate of 8,010 in 2012.

There are other types of rare gynecological cancers such as vulvar, vaginal wall, etc. Some is caused from the use of DES that was given to mothers during pregnancy.

Get a Pap Smear and exam each year. Early detection saves lives. Talk to your daughters as well as your physicians.