Make Every Day A Great Day


We only live once. This is our one life. Make everyday matter.

Where can you contemplate? Is it outside, with friends, or a special place in your house? Could be a warm pampering bath or going to a spa? Some folks contemplate in things they read whether it be on FACEBOOK or the Bible. Others talk to people who really mater in their lives.  Outside today the snow is beautiful. It would be a good day for a walk. Maybe it would be writing in a journal all the things you are grateful for in this life. Wrap your shawl around you and contemplate. You may want to do yoga. Hope is in everyday and every tomorrow. Healing comes from within.

Gratitude-Are you grateful? Write thank yous to all of those people who have graced your life with goodness. A friend of mine who died last year of breast cancer said she had 220 people she could write letters to and that she would have to start and do one letter per day. Unfortunately she got very sick and never accomplished her goal Gratitude is when we appreciate our surroundings, our friends, our life, and find happiness even when there is a storm. We look for the good things in life. We laugh, we smile.What is your mantra? Mine is “Each day is a gift.” My aunt use to say, “What you are is God’s gift to you; What you make of yourself is your gift to God.”

Laughter-Have you laughed yourself silly? Have you laughed for 15 minutes today? Laughter is important for health and healing.