Proctor Historical Society

It looks like according to the Duluth Budgeteer News that the Proctor Historical Society is looking for financial donations for their railroad museum  They are matching dollar per dollar from another donor.

I know we can donate some money but we may have other donations, we just have not contact the museum  We have an antique watch from the railroad there (etc.). Former Barnes relatives lived in Proctor, this relative worked for the railroad, and we have some of their belongings.  (We meant to get up there this summer.) A Barnes was married an Anderson later in life.  There are times we have been crafters almost right in front of their little old house.




We sent three boxes of items that were just Anderson items to a relative in Oklahoma and have another box that is going to Texas when it is ready. We want to donate the Barnes items to where they lived in Pennsylvania and Proctor as a lasting tribute. (to the museums)

As one gets older, we know our years are numbered and we want all their ducks in a row. Our children are not collectors of items. They are minimalists. They grew up in a time where all they need is the bare necessities.

Send financial donations to:

Proctor Area Historical Society

100 Pinonk Drive

Proctor, MN 55810