Sunday Afternoon Good Eats

Buy racks of ribs at Old World Meats (located in Duluth on Central Entrance), cut into pieces, depending on how long you are going to cook the ribs. If you don’t cut up they recommend 4 hours on 425 degrees. I doctor mine up with sauce and cover it with tin foil to keep the tenderness and moisture in the meat.

Red Potato Salad goes good with this. I like the little red potatoes cooked in their jackets. Boil them up. Boil the eggs. Drain and cool the potatoes, chop up.Take the shells off the eggs and cut up after they have cooled. At cut up onions. Add some Cilantro. I love Cilantro on food. It gives it a great taste. Mix your mayo and mustard together with a dash of salt and pepper or as desired. Mix together. Refrigerate. I am ready to serve a quick Sunday Supper.