Winter Driving, Prepare

March 10

Do you have an emergency car or winter storm kit? These make great gifts for family and friends.

This kit should include the following:

blanket or sleeping bag

coffee can with a cover for emergency bathroom

matches, lighter, candles in an air tight container

extra clothing: wool socks, wool mittens, face mask, cap, maybe hand warmers

can of non-perishable food: candy parts, snacks, pretzels, nots, dried fruitetc.

radio run on batters and batters

compass and maybe map

first aid kid

windshield wiper fluid

spare fan belt

WD-40 to loosen lug nuts

square piece of wood

inflatable spare


AM/FM radio

can opener, canned goods


Kleenex, toilet paper


bag of sand

plastic scaper


flash light

flare or banner or reflector triangle

basic tools as a screw driver, pliers or wrench

work gloves


booster cables

tow chain


When is it dangerous to drve? Slippery conditions, wind speeds of 40mph,


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