Don’t forget to do your taxes. There are programs to help Seniors called Tax-Aide.  There is Community Action in Duluth and other programs that are free.

Check out this website:

We are lucky to have social security. They are urging upcoming baby boomers to start saving for retirement with investments and other medical long term disability programs.

In Minnesota the poverty level is 6.9. If we didn’t have social security it would be 45.5.

In Wisconsin the poverty level is 5.1, and if they didn’t have social security it would be 42.6.

I can’t image what it would be like with out Medicare.

The medical industry is increasing its prices, “as we sleep.”

Those who get cancer and life alternating illnesses are going bankrupt over the cost of medical insurance, the medical bills, the prescriptions, and the treatments. We see those with high incomes having benefits even, $60,000-$75,000.00. They are struggling with expenses. Those with higher incomes have ways to sell off versus those in poverty, those with no health insurance, those lacking social security points to go on social security disability, and lack anything salable.

Help, where is it? Most every hospital has a community care program whereas you give you personal information and soul to them to see if you qualify for their program. They will pay if you qualify. I think it is a very good program. It is the first step. There are local programs that pick up and national programs as well.