Duluth News,Sunday

I like live links. Today in the paper was Stay Healthy and  various websites links.

Check out these: www.IHadCancer.com for cancer survivors, patients, and supporters.

DiabetesDaily.com -This is for those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. You can share your stories, there are 93,000 members, you can find recipes and more.

http://www.FertileThoughts.com-This is for those 4.5 million infertile couples that want help in this area.

http://www.MyAutism.com-If you have an autistic child.

http://www.PsychCentral.com-For those who are struggling with mental health issues from ADHD to depression to biopolar.

http://www.Caring.com-If you are caring for someone with a debilitating disease, a senior, a difficult spouse,  read this website.