Clinical Indications For A Breast MRI

The source of this information is St. Luke’s Center for Diagnostic Imaging.

Check out this detailed website. This is a handy ordering guideline site.

When is there a reason to order a breast MRI?

-Women with a new diagnosis of breast cancer prior to treatment.

-Women that desire a lumpectomy but have positive surgical margins.

Women with known BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic mutation. Men get it too.

-Women with biopsy-proven pre-malignant lesion, i.e. LCIs or ADH.

-Women with positive axillary lymph nodes suggestion of breast cancer but negative mammograms and ultra sounds.

-Women who have suspicious clinical or imagining findings that remain after a mammogram, ultrasound and physical breast exam.

-Women with extremely dense breasts on mammograms.

-Women 75 years or younger with a primary family member (mother, daughter, sister) who had breast cancer at age 55 or younger and

had a breast density ACR category of 3-4.

-Pre- and post-neo-adjuvant chemotherapy.

-Women who have radiation to the chest wall between ages 10-30 years of age. It is often from Hodgkin’s disease.

-Women with silicone implants who need to know the condition of  the implants.