Critical Breast Cancer Project

The Mayo Clinic has a matching gift challenge to raise money for their breast cancer registry. A donor is matching $100,000 if matched by other donors. Help. The breast cancer registry is a vast bio bank that contains 10 years of clinical data, blood test results, and tissue samples from Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer patients who volunteered their medical and treatment histories in order to give other women more hope against the disease.

I gave my blood samples, medical history years ago and signed a medical release.

What progress have they made from this registry? They discovered more than 75 genetic variations that influence breast cancer. They identified gene regions associated with high breast density, which is a strong risk for breast cancer as you can’t necessarily see through the mammogram. They developed a new  breast scan called molecular breast imagining to identify areas of cancer in dense breasts. Those women who had dense breasts could be in the study. Some further new research has come out of this as well.

Every women who enrolled helped to create new paths of discovery for other women at risk for breast cancer. That is 2,500 women.

Become part of the registry.

Do the match:

Send you donation to:

Department of Development

National Correspondence Office

Mayo Clinic

PO Box 450

Albert Lea, MN 56607-9849

-Be sure to state that it is for the critical breast cancer project.

-The Mayo Clinic is not for profit.

-Physicians are paid a salary.  They do not get more income based on tests ordered.

-Support a leader in breast cancer research in this country.