Holistic Health And Healing

Did you know that there are holistic health and healing classes at the Marshall Professional Bldg.  located at 1301 Rice Lake Road (Suites 127 & 128)?

Check  out this website: www.holistichealthhealing.info

Have you ever heard of digital infrared thermal imagining or D.I.T.I.? It is a method of visualizing your pain. You can see where the pain is coming from. It is non invasive. There is no radiation. It is painless. There is no contact with the body and it is F.D. a. registered. One area takes 15 minutes. A complete body scan takes 30 minutes. You can get a printed report in days.  We have heard that inflammation causes problems from cancer to heart problems, etc. etc. It maybe worth researching.




I didn’t know that they come to Duluth. They do. Same location.