Kickstarter Project, Your Help Is Needed

Home of the Duluth Grill Cookbook is trying to raise $10,000 for a Kickstarter Project to protect Miller Creek, a designated trout stream that ultimately flows into lake Superior and from there into the Atlantic Ocean, from 900,000 gallons of annual runoff from the room and the parking lot. The runoff brings trash and contaminants with it. The Duluth Grill wants to beautify Lincoln Park and provide fresh, local food for the restaurant. They want it to be an educational piece, open to the public year round to promote urban agriculture. Hopefully it will put Duluth on the map as a place where the little diner can get away with farming substantially in its own parking lot.

First off they need need financial help. If they don’t raise the $10,000, they could lose any pledged money. There may be a point in the future where they may want help building the garden. To hear about the project people need to share this project among st their friends, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Help make this project happen in Duluth, MN. Check it out below.