Woodland Hills, Where Hope Is Found



Woodland Hills is a great program. It is where real hope is found. It’s about changing lives. They help children and teens reclaim their lives through a path of hope and recovery.

They truly care about the students they work with, and they help the students to their to fall in love with their lives again.  They help their youth to face the challenges of poverty, racism, abuse, neglect, mood disorder, anxiety, depression, grief, chemical dependency, conduct issues, trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. Student find they are a part of a  community and have a place in the world. Some need to hold themselves accountable for what they have done. Others need therapeutic treatment to heal the invisible daily pain they deal with everyday.

Thousands of lives have been influenced by Woodland Hills. You can help make a difference in this organization.

Woodland Hills 

4321 Allendale Avenue, Duluth