Our Drinking Water

Do you ever read the information that comes in your water bill? I was looking at the Drinking Water Report.

Our Great Lakes, Lake Superior is one of our greatest resources. If you want to obtain the entire source water assessment regarding  your drinking water call 1.800.818.9318 or go to: www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/water/swp/swa

Fluoride 1.1

Nitrate 0.36 (Ish, nitrates are thought to cause cancer. They tell you to not eat nitrate meats.)

Chlorine 0.96

Copper 0.06

Lead 9.9

Sodium 8.39

Sulfate 8.48

Radium 0.91

Turbidity   0.029

TTMH 14.07

Haloacetic Acids 9.43

Total Organic Carbon-zero quarters out of compliance

This makes one want to have a water purifier on their faucet.

Call the EPA about Safe Drinking Water at 1.800.426.4791

Safe our waters. They effect generations to come.