Update To Gardening In Duluth, MN

There is something about gardening that is fun. You feel like you have a oneness with the earth, growing your own crops, toward a healthier life style. You wonder if  the fruits of your labor will produce the crops. Everyone gardens in different ways. Just visit community gardens and you will see what I mean.  Some folks plant in bails of hay. You put the dirt  on top. Others have a green house over their crops. Still others put black tarp down with their plants sticking out.  Today we planted pumpkins and squash in a big pit at our daughters house. One bag of mulch, two bags of soil. We hope to be surprised come fall.

Our son planted a herb garden for me in a planter right out my deck. Just reach out and get the herbs. We have one tomato plant in each pot. He may plant wheat in one section in the back, after he fixes the soil and then another small garden plant rutabagas. We have the seeds, so why not?