Rockin For Hope, Raffle/Limo/Wheel Barrow Of Wine/Restaurant Certificates

Circle of Hope Raffle, 2nd Prize


2nd Prize-Hot Pink Wheel Barrow of Wine ($300.00 worth) 
Wheel Barrow from Marshall Hardware
Wine from the Following Donors:
Terri Newman
Jim Anderson
Warehouse Liquor Store-104 W. Central Entrance, Duluth
University Liquor Store-1603 Woodland Avenue, Duluth,
Last Chance Liquor Store
Woodland Liquor Store-4024 Woodland Avenue, Duluth
George’s Liquor Store-1340 W. Arrowhead Rd., Duluth
Fitger’s Wine Cellars-600 E. Superior Street, Duluth,
Wine Thyme-4932 E. 2nd St., Superior, 1.715.392.1888
Cash Wise Liquor Store, 625 W. Central Entrance, Duluth,
SuperOne Liquor Store, 210 N. Central Entrance, Duluth, 1..218.628.2169
Canal Park Liquor Store, 302 S. Lake Ave., Duluth, 733-0580
Mt. Royal Liquor Store, 1602 Woodland Avenue,Duluth, 1.218.728.6168,

Rockin for Hope

Clyde Iron Works

Oct. 20th 5-9:30 p.m.

Tickets-$2.00 or 5 for $10.00. What a bargain!