One And Half Days At DECC

I went to a non-profit conference at the DECC the past two days. One session I attended was on stress, and I want to share this information with you from this great workshop.

Stress is related to disease. You can get heart disease, cancer, lung problems, have accidents, get cirrhosis of the liver, and even commit suicide. It tears down your immune system.

How are your controlling your stress? 

Stress Response effect every cell in your body.

There are negative effects that  stress can cause such as you can have difficulty concentrating, have an upset stomach, have a low morale, experience job dissatisfaction, get ulcers, and even have psychological disorders. Two thirds of office visits are related to stress.

Stress can cause you get ill, have skin problems, change  your appearance, get more wrinkles and even get more fat. Your body shuts down during stress and your immune system breaks down. 

Eliminate stress.  Leave the stress at the office, avoid comfort bad foods when under stress, and consider if you really want a job that causes you stress.

At home take small steps, do have fun and do cool stuff, eliminate unnecessary de-energizing activities, and you could even put some cinnamon in your coffee.

We can learn a lot from other people, workshops, and having a good time.

I say, “Have you laughed for 15 minutes today?”