Cancer Sucks

Cancer Sucks!

Breast Cancer is taking way too many lives in our area. I know 4 women who have died

in our near region this past month. That is why I say it sucks!

Will there be an end to this devastating disease that affects so many lives and so many families?

Increasing age puts one at risk for breast cancer. Let’s write letters to find answers to the causes,

better treatments, and more coordinated care or personalized care. The National Breast Cancer

Coalition wants to end breast cancer by 2020. They want treatments that work on patients, that

save lives, and they want an end to this disease.

Have you had a mammogram? If  you have a family history or symptoms see

you physician ASAP.

Do you know your families medical history way back? Share it with your

family physician. Know genetic cancers that run in your family. Tell someone.

What did your relatives die of and what diseases did they have?

Have you had a yearly physical?

Avoid toxins above all else. Toxins are in some foods, make up, cleaning 

chemicals, the carpet, etc.  Choose a chemical free environment.