Eyes Are The Windows To The Body

I was at my eye doctor today. He is so funny, and I just love him. He is a member of the Road Kill Boys ( Band). They are singing tonight at Amazing Grace.

Today I asked him a few questions. I was told that my eyes look  good. I say, “All the better to see you with.” Isn’t that what the Wolf said to Little Read Riding Hood? I am forgetting some of those old time fairy tales that I loved so much.  Pre-Senior Moments. What is a senior anyhow?

Don’t you just wonder what they are looking at when they dilate your eyes? With dilated eyes we look like we’re  high on something? I don’t like driving with dilated eyes. My husband didn’t come with me today. He was at The McMuffin Club with his Amateur Radio Buds.

The eye doctor can tell if you have diabetes, and so much more. What’s that so much more? That may take some googling and research. Check out this website when you are bored. there are so many more websites.

Vision is important. I don’t know what life would be like if I could not see.

We use all of our senses to feel and see and experience everything.