To Have A PSA Test Or To Not Have A PSA Test

There is great controversy over the PSA test. You should read the current article in the December issue of Life Extension magazine called Prostate Cancer Prevention Controversy by William Faloon.  This is a very detailed article worth reading.  You will find out what to eat and take, the stages of prostate cancer progression, and SO MUCH MORE. This article tells you what to do if the PSCA Screening detects a potential problem.

The American Urological Association issued revised guidelines for PSA Screening that is should mostly be considered only for men ages 55-69. All lives deserve a quality of life. Can can and does spread.

Did you know that between 1994 and 2010 PSA screenings decreased deaths from 30 per 100,000 to 21 per 100,000?

We hear that men will get prostate cancer because it is a disease of old men. Yet young men get it, it can run it families, and in certain ethnic groups. It is also associated with genetic cancer in families.

Most urologists believe when your PSA reaches a certain level they have only one choices. That is to do a needle biopsy. They forget that there are other tests such as the free PSA, PSA density, PSA velocity, PSA3 urinary test and hopefully I am not forgetting others.