Susan G. Komen, Taking Care Of Lives And More


All women are at risk of breast cancer. Men get breast cancer as well. It is rare and it can be genetically related in families.  Although rare, young women can and do get breast cancer, even in their 20’s. This year in the United States more than 10,000 young women under 40 will be told they have breast cancer.

According to Susan G. Komen it is important to take care of your life. Know your risk, get screened, know what is normal for you, and make healthy lifestyle choices.


I noticed it states in a brochure that young women should maintain a healthy weight, add exercise to your routine, limit your alcohol, and breast feed if you can. What have you done to help protect your health?

Susan G. Komen, Minnesota give 25% to research. Seventy five per cent stays in the state to help with the Sage program (free mammograms and breast cancer treatment for those diagnosed under this program) and local breast cancer expenses for patients throughout the state. They truly do make a difference in our state.

Komen through non-profits helps many breast cancer patients struggling with a breast cancer diagnosis in rural and farm areas, minorities, young women, and those with stage IV breast cancer. You can get breast cancer, receive treatments, may have to stop working and the bills just keep coming in the mail. Some  get turned into collection, have to file bankruptcy, and patients become depressed. Partnering with Susan G. Komen, Minnesota, Circle of Hope has impacted the lives of many patients in northern MN and northern WI as they grow.

Unfortunately too many die of breast cancer in northern MN. Recently a musician died from Bemidji formerly from Duluth and Two Harbors.

Breast cancer is the most common disease among women.

Tonight Circle of Hope will have a float in the Christmas City of the North Parade partnering with Jeff Foster Trucking who has their logo truck, the UMD Pharmacy School. It is pretty exciting to see how this will all work out. Circle of Hope does a lot of health fairs as does the pharmacy scho0l.

This is an exciting night and weekend. Christmas City of the North Parade, Festival of Trees weekend at the DECC and Bentleyville coming up.