Julie Anderson Peterson Cancer Benefit, February 15

Julie is known to all as the most kind, generous, and peaceful person, who would do anything to help people and animals in need, and now she needs our help.  Julie and her husband, Dan, own a small hobby farm in Saginaw, MN, specializing in rescuing animals that need a loving home.  Their modest farm is currently home to 4 horses, 2 goats, 3 sheep, 7 dogs, 2 cats, and numerous chickens.  Recently Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing a mastectomy late in 2013. She initially needs 6 chemotherapy treatments, followed by an additional year of treatment in order to cure her Stage IIa cancer.  Julie works as a home healthcare worker for patients with mental disabilities and Dan is a truck-driver.  During 2013, Julie’s medical insurance maxed out, leaving out-of-pocket expenses totaling $115,000.  In 2014, Julie will have to pay 20% of her medical bills, consisting of monthly chemotherapy and other doctor and clinic bills. Please consider a donation to help her through this most trying time so that she can concentrate on her health rather than the financial stress this brings. Any amount will be much appreciated!