Education On Breast Cancer Causes

Some beast cancer cells get away before we even have surgery. Some go to sleep and wake up from dormancy years later. What does that mean to us as the consumer of our bodies?

We need to keep our health in tip top shape folks.

As patients we need to know our family histories and our bodies genetics. For example, we need to know who are the drivers and who are the passengers in our bodies.  Do we know if you have a genetic mutations? The Cancer Genome Atlas lists 20 different types. TP53 , PIK3CA, GATA3 occurs in 10% of the breast cancers.  But at the same time there are hundreds of mutations that occur with 1% frequency. We have cancer cells in our body, some mutate and form cancer, and others do not.

You should check out genetic testing with a reputable labs, if you have questions or a family history. See a genetic counselor at your local cancer center.  All of us have cancer cells and an average of 30-40 mutations.

What is the mutational landscape of your body? Do you want to see the window of what may be a cause? Are you ready to prevent this disease at all cost? I know there is no magic bullet but education is what it is all about. We need to do everything to keep our immune systems in tip top shape. Don’t turn the dimmer switch off but turn the light switch on.

We need to make sure our metabolism is functioning really well. Are we leading a  healthy life style? We need to build up our immune system, not tear it down by poor choices.This could include toxins, food, environmental pollutants. I never see much research on toxins unfortunately.  We need all the dogs in the dog fight to look at all the causes. That would be true primary prevention and maybe a factor in metastatic breast cancer.

The National Breast Cancer Coalition is working on two goals to end breast cancer by 2020.

1.Primary Prevention

2.Prevention of Metastasis.

Join The National Breast Cancer Coalition and Endorse the National Breast Cancer.

The National Breast Cancer Coalition is an organization that also lobbies for DOD funding, which is a Center of Excellence. Each year the National Breast Cancer Coalition lobbies for breast cancer research that funds breast cancer studies across the United States. For example, we have gotten nearly $30 million dollars in MN to the main U and Mayo Clinic. This research is reported and shared at conferences.

I’d say that this research is more accountable than NIH grants. The government doesn’t hold NIH accountable. Is the system broken?  The NIH money goes to the same researchers. These are the most competitive grants, not necessarily the most innovate grants, and the success rate if about 39%.