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Reading through Business North’s current edition it lists the foundations, funds and trusts that are in this region. Granted this is 2014, and it was last updated on 10/12. The source is from Individual Foundations and the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. I think it is interesting to know this information about our community.

1. Blandin Foundation, Grand Rapids-$404.3 million in assets, paid out $11.6 million in grants for the period ending 12/31/12. This includes the Blandin Residuary Trust. They were founded in 1941, and it is a statewide Minnesota foundation but they strength rural Minnesota and especially the Grand Rapids area.

2. Northland Foundation, Duluth-$75.7 million in assets, paid out $1.45 million in grants for the period ending 6/30/13. They cover seven counties in the Arrowhead region. These grants go to non-profits, loans to business and programs for children and youth to strengthen families, connect kids and communication, opportunities for self-reliance and support sustainable economic development. Founded in 1986.

3. Duluth-Superior Foundation-They have $53.7 million in assets and have given out $2.6 million as of 12/3/12. They manage 300 charitable trusts that in Northeastern Minnesota, and areas in Wisconsin. They focus on the arts, education, the environment, human services, community economic development. They were founded in 1983.

4. Ordean Foundation-They have $35.0 million in assets and have give out $1.4 million as of 3/31/12. They provide a safety net for the Duluth- Superior area for food, clothing, shelter, and other essentials for self-sufficiency. They were founded in 1933.

5. Marshall H and Nellie Alworth Memorial Fund-They have $27 million in assets and have given out $1.2 million as of 12/31/12. They fund scholarships to high school seniors pursing science and math degrees in college. They are restricted to 10 northern MN counties. They were founded in 1949.

6.Miller Dwan Foundation has $26.3 million in assets as of 12/31/11. They have given out $1.25 million since 12/31/11. These include health related Essentia projects such as Polinsky, Solvay Hospice House, Amberwing, and 50 community non-profits through community development  through the years . They focus on hospice, mental health, chemical dependency, burn, cancer care, and physical rehab. They were founded in 1974.

7. Essentia Health Foundation has $22.6 million in assets and have given out $1.8 million as of 6/30/12. They solicit, receive and manage money for the support of the Essentia Health System for the benefit of the communities it serves and was founded in 20o2.

8 .Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation-They have $18.9 million in assets and have given out $745,113 as of 12/31/11. They support areas of arts, culture, education, environment, community and economic development, social welfare to nonprofits in southern St. Louis, Lake and Cook Counties. It was founded in 1975.

9.Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation

10. UWS/ Superior Foundation

11. Generations Healthcare Initatives-Duluth$11.0 million in assets, has given out $533,000 as of 8/31/11. They are a private foundation that improve health care for the uninsured and under insured in Duluth, Northeastern Minnesota and Douglas County. They do not accept grant applications.

12 . St. Lukes Foundation has $7.6 million in assets and have given out $773,378 as of 12/31/12. They provide support to St. Lukes and the region they serve by advanced patient care, health education and clinic research. They were founed in 1982.

13.Dorthy N Ribenack Trust-This is for five Duluth agencies-Aftenro, Ecumen, Polinksky Medical Rehab, YMCA, and United Way. They have $7.1 million in assets  and have given out $359,000 given as  10/31/11.

14. Gilmore Family Scholarship Foundation-They have $6.4 million in assets and have given out $210,000 to high schools in Cook, Lake, Carlton, Pine, St. Louis Counties (specific)

15. Wildey H. Mitchell Foundation-They have $6.2 million in assets and have given out $458,500 to 46 Duluth Charities as of 12/13/11. They were founed in 1980.

16. Jack Moon Foundation Scholarship-a high school scholarship program

17. James H. Hunt Scholarship Fund-high school scholarship program

18. Marguerite Gilmore Charitable Foundation-Duluth-Acquiring Art Work

19. Edwin H. Eddy Family Foundation-This is for grants, scholarships in research and education, patient care grants in the speech area.

20 .Oscar Mary Wildey Mitchell Fund-College scholarships in Duluth area

21.Virginia Community Foundation

22. A. H. Zeppa Foundation??? Maybe art

23. Minnesota Power Foundation-Duluth?

24. Superior Scholarship Foundation

25. Depot Foundation-Duluth

26. Muriel Whiteside Charitable Trust-Duluth?

Business North puts out a great newspaper (11 times per year) and also a directory once per year of Business and Industry.  I think it is a great paper. You understand your community from all the details. Reading and learning is a life long experience.

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