Cloud 9 Asian Bistro



(This picture is a DNT picture.)

Today our family went to lunch at the Cloud 9 Asian Bistro located at 308 S. Lake Avenue, Duluth, MN. It is in our famous tourist neighbor, Canal Park. It opened up last week.

Lunch is M-Saturday from 11:00 am-3:00 pm. Din Din is 3:00 pm-M-Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 10:30 pm. Sunday it is open from noon till 9:30 pm.

I loved my food, and I am not “a foodie.” Jim and I ate the Hibachi Lunch served with soup, salad and fried rice. I had the vegetable and Jim had the chicken. It was more than we could eat. I decided that next time I will just do the avocado roll. That would be more than enough for me. Our son ate the Sushi (Vegetable) Deluxe, and he could barely eat it all . The presentation was amazing!!!

Lots of choices. Affordable prices. Excellent food!

I love the big, big Buddha and the blue water fountains running down the wall. If I wouldn’t of embarrassed everyone I would of taken a selfie picture with the gold Buddha.

This business owns Osaka Sushi and Hibachi Steak House on Burning Tree Road.

I am going to stick to” chunk writing” as that is about all my brain can handle today.