Becoming Tobacco Free

Quitting smoking  is not easy. Some folks can quit cold turkey and others have to do it gradually. Tobacco is so addictive. Trying to quit an addiction is not easy.

Why should you quit? Tobacco has been implicated in many diseases.

Telephone Counseling:



North Dakota-1-800-784-8669

Other Options:

National Quit Line-1-800-784-8669

American Lung Association-1-800-586-4872

Essentia Patients-They have free counseling for you at no cost with a 2 week supply of products for up to 12 weeks per year. Thee may be a $5 pharmacy handling fee.

There are many Smart Phone Quit Apps that are free. Also Android Apps.

Text Messaging: To sign up for text messaging go to: You dial 47848 on your mobile phone and test the word QUIT.

Websites: There are lots of  “online quit smoking help websites.” Some also include chewing tobacco and other products.