Energy Works Myofascial Release/Circle Of Hope Fundaiser

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Energy Works Myofascial Release is teaming up with the Circle of Hope.
Energy Works Myofascial Release will donate 10% of its proceeds, up to $1,000, for Myofascial Release treatments, Comprehensive Break Free From Your Pain Programs, and Gift Certificates purchases during the month of November 2016.
As an RN and Expert Level John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist, I use a clinically comprehensive whole body approach to healing. Energy Works Myofascial Release uses gentle myofascial stretching to decrease pain and increase range of motion.
My goal is to help you achieve physician and emotional health and well-being by facilitating your healing journey,teaching self-care techniques, and enable you to sustain long-lasting relieve.
“Break Free From Your Pain”
Ruth Backlund, BSN
Energy Works Myofascial Release
405 E. Superior Street, Suite 220
Duluth, MN 55802