Becoming Tobacco Free

Quitting smoking  is not easy. Some folks can quit cold turkey and others have to do it gradually. Tobacco is so addictive. Trying to quit an addiction is not easy. Why should you quit? Tobacco has been implicated in many diseases. Telephone Counseling: Minnesota-1-888-354-7226 Wisconsin-1-800-784-8669 North Dakota-1-800-784-8669 Other Options: National Quit Line-1-800-784-8669 American Lung Association-1-800-586-4872…
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Strokes, What Is That All About

Check out the National Stroke Association at: If you or a loved one has the signs of a stroke, you should have someone,  call 911 immediately. What are the signs of a stroke?-numbness, weakness or loss of vision, trouble speaking, loss of balance or coordination, trouble swallowing or chewing, speech is distorted, trouble remembering,…
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Help A Local MS Patient With An Expensive And Promising Treatment

  This treatment is not covered by insurance. If you could help it is really help Jeanne. Please mark the date, location and time on your calendar! It is so appreciated.


Bowling May 7, 2016

Questions: 1.218.464.1626

Breast Cancer

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