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Closing Postal Processing Plant

01 Sep

I ran into Kurt B. Waite today who talked about the why they are claiming to close the processing plant. As most of us feel, we do not want our mail to go to Minneapolis to be sorted. It can be done locally. We do not want to wait 3 days to get a letter. The truth of the matter is that they are trying to privatize the citzen’s delivery service. The USPS is not losing money.

The money from the Postal Act and Enhancement Act signed by President Bush made it Law that the USPS would have to start paying the Pre-funding. Supposedly in 2005 Patrick Donahue was on the board and gave the green light to charge the USPS $5.7 billion dollars a year to pre-fund retirees 75 years out, in only 10 years. Patrick Donahoe became the postmaster general. He then closed faciities and consolidated work loads to reduce the work force. It is under the guise that USPS is losing money.

I know when I go to our local post office it is so busy, the lines are sometimes outside. They do an amazing business.

Why are we trying to privatize the postal service. Is it a money maker? None of the money for USPS comes from the tax payers.

The USPS plans on closing the remaining 82 facilities by doing away with the one day delivery standard. They claim that it will take only a day or two longer to reach its destination.  Last month Senator Al Franken confronted the Postmaster General on why his constituents are complaining that a letter would send across town was taking an average of 4-5 days to reach its destination. I know we do not want this to happen.

I know personally I don’t want my mail sent to Mpls. to be sorted and then back to Duluth. I am sure others feel this way.

The USPS says the decline in the mail volume is an aging out organization.  Standard mail has increased 5.1%, first class mail 3.2%. 2014 package delivery has increased 6.6%.

Since 2006 the workforce for USPS has been reduced by 200,000 personnel.

Contact your Senators and Congressmen. Write Kurt at


Fuel Assistance Help and More for Those in Need: Duluth and Virginia, MN

29 Aug

This tidbit is brought to you by Circle of Hope. Many cancer patients and others struggle with their fuel bills or rather energy bills. Comfort Systems in Duluth has help. Check out:   Be sure to scroll up and down.

In fact this website is helpful to pay your bill on line, finding out about energy loans, ways to save money and other tips. Sometimes we need to report an energy emergency or outage.

Prepare for winter. See if you have leaks by your doors and windows. Fix these leaks by sealing them. Attics and ceilings can loose heat.

Have someone clean your furnace so it is clean and works efficiently. I know we do this every fall.

Talk to your oil or fuel oil company about a payment plan, pay on a 12 month plan. Turn the heat up only when you need too.



Who is Eligible for State Health Insurance?

27 Aug



Those who do not qualify can apply for health insurance under MN Sure.{position}&matchtype=e&mobile=&bw_keyword


Posted on behalf of Circle of Hope. This is for breast cancer patients and other patients who want to research this topic. This is important to know.

Do NOT go without insurance. Did you know that you have to pre-pay for surgery before it happens? Some surgical offices require  100% and others are 50% if the patient qualifies for other programs (all based on income and assets).

I did not know this until a patient called who had no health insurance, and I called on this matter. How can this happen in this day and age? How many of you can afford $5,000-$30,000.00 for surgery up front before surgery?  Most people do not know when life or a situation can change for them. It can change on the dime.


Coming to Bayfront Festival Park, September 13th, Run, Walk or Crawl

25 Aug

These are some of our many sponsors.  Register at:

It costs more the day of the race. The person who gets the most people to sign up will get a $500.00 An Escape Limo Certificate for up to 24 people.

Proceeds benefit local breast cancer patients with daily living expenses from cancer center applications through Circle of Hope,


How Can Cancer Patients, Often Terminal Get Medical Help

21 Aug

I had a nice chat today with Melanie at Cardon Out Reach. She explained to me how they follow social security guidelines.

There is SSI which is like Medicaid, you can own one home and car to qualify to have your medical bills written off.

Those people that are SSDI can have substantial income, their spouse can work, they can have a whole lie insurance or a 401 K and make a certain amount of money. This is based on work credit.

Check out the Social Security website for more details. In many cases they charge 25-10% depending on the situation. It comes out of the money received.

I know there is a local office and an office in Mpls. The local phone number is: 218-722-0766.

I actually called the out of state office. I found out that cancer patients can call  Melanie at:  1.801.256.1900, extension 10445.

I wanted to find out how these cancer patients  get help on their medical bills. Rural patients have lots of problems in this area,  as do terminal patients. Find the link below. This helpful hint is brought you from Circle of Hope.


Coming September 13, Bayfront Festival Park, 5K UV Run and Walk

20 Aug

These are some of our many sponsors.  Register at:

It costs more the day of the race. The person who gets the most people to sign up will get a $500.00 An Escape Limo Certificate for up to 24 people.

Proceeds benefit local breast cancer patients with daily living expenses from cancer center applications through Circle of Hope,




Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races on Saturday, the 23rd

19 Aug



The Lake Superior Dragon Boat races are on Saturday, the 23rd at Barker’s Island. It is always a festive event with the opening of the dragon ceremony and parade on Friday, the 22nd. Everyone is lined up on the dock. The beer tents will be open. The Optimist Club has a pancake breakfast on Saturday, the 23rd.  There is a craft sale at the end, near Barker’s Island Restaurant on Saturday the 23rd. There is a lot of fun to be had at this event. Teams do make the difference. There is so much excitement. I remember one year our team won a paddle.

Registration fees for teams, a % of a booth, and beer sales monies go to the Rotary. Years ago I wrote an article about all the donations that the Rotary has given to youth programs locally. It is enough to blow your mind away. I got worn out typing it. They truly do make a difference.

Each year they have a charity party and for as many years as I can remember, except the first year I was on the Survivor Sistership team, the money goes to Essentia. That year it went somewhere else.

Three breast cancer survivors (including myself) started their own teams, survivors and supporters, The Many Faces of Breast Cancer teams. We participate under the title of the non-profit, Circle of Hope, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. This is not a fundraiser for us, we do it for the fun of it. It is one of many sports activities we participate in. Others include golf , walking, running , jumping , and bowling teams. Circle of Hope pays daily living expenses for breast cancer patients going through treatment and medical bills related to that diagnosis. They do provide educational resources for gynecological cancer patients but no financial help. They have other missions as well. Thank you to our supporters above on the shirts.

The Charity Partner is Essentia this year, and they are raising money for integrate health and therapies for all cancer patients, an accessible online educational tool for patients, and dietary instruction and educational resources for all cancer patients.  Some of the tools will include ipad learning programs in the waiting areas, online support groups, and audio tapes related to cancer.


Circle of Hope Teams: Thanks to Its Sponsors

15 Aug


September 13, Bayfront Festival Park, Register Now, UV Run or Walk

10 Aug


Light Up The Night, September 13th, Bayfront Festival Park, Register

08 Aug




Keep spreading the word and letting EVERYONE know about The UV Splash by Color Dash coming September 13, 2014 to Duluth Bayfront Festival Park! We are so excited to Get Our Color On and Light Up The Night with You!! Don’t forget to register!

Tell everyone that The UV Splash by Color Dash is the ONLY National Color-Type Fun-Run that GIVES BACK 50% of EVERY registration directly to our partner charity!  (This is for Circle of Hop fundraiser, and you can make a difference in the lives of others.)

You can run, walk or crawl. People go out in different waves.