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Minnesota Changes To Health Care

I am unsure how much health care was cut in Minnesota. In April there was $347 million dollars cut from Health and Human Services at the state level. Some was re-instated for GMAC/MN Care, I believe.

The problem is local hospitals and clinics ae not serving these folks so people are having to go to the cities. Supposedly there are 3-5 clinics in the hospital that are treating these folks. In 2013 the governement will pick up he full cost of Medicaid. Maybe drugs, alcohol, mental illness is considered a pre-exsisting condtion; I’m unsure.

There are 38,000 people (21,000 are under MN Care and 17,000 are uninsured) in our state who need health care. I know some who are struggling with daily pain and chronic illnesses. They can go to the emergency ward. The emergency ward can not treat some of these patients. The physicans are emergency room doctors, not specialists in various chronic diseases. These doctors have quit a burdern to make decisions on. The poorest are those at the poverty level making less than $8,000.00. 

One way Minnesota will help seniors is by Long Term Care keeping patients in their homes. I am wondering who is monitoring this, if it is more cost effective. I sure know I would never want to be in a nursing home; I’d live in the basement first. Supposedly there will be 112,600 jobs for Long Term Care in Minnesota.


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