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Tidbits For Health and Savings

Don’t know if you notice in this mornings paper about the Duluth Energy Efficiency program called “DEEP” that will help 450 homeowners ? These  rebates will  improve their conserving on fuel and electricity. Check out the following website for more details:  I wish the middle  class qualified. It is great that it will help those who most need it the most. Many of us live in old houses with no insulation, no matter what our income maybe.

Did you know that the IRS has a video portal to find out about tax information? Go to:  Look for the “All Presentations. “You will be amazed at the detailed videos to help you understand our taxes and this system.

I get the former Presient Clinton’s Foundation newsletter, as do  many others across the country.  I noticed yesterday that you could ask him a question, and it will be answered in his next video. I did  sent it to a few friends to send in their questions. What I found amazing was his “Top 10 Heart Healthy Tips.” I saw that he is eating more potassium rich foods to lower his blood pressure. That is interesting because I was told to eat less potatoes which are full of starch but full of potatassium, as are bananas.  Subcribe today and make a donation:


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Worldly and National Charities, Can We Make A Difference?

If you sign up to get the newsletter from the President Clinton Foundation you can find out what is happening with this foundation. They are very involved with Haiti, as was former Presidient Bush. Check out their website and google Haiti. It is concerning about the regrowth of Haiti.

I know today’s newsletter has a video clip on Haiti. They also are working on obesity, treating HIV/AIDs and Malaria in this world as well as many other projects. 

Check out Chairty Navigator and sign up to get their newsletter. You can make the right choices on giving to national and worldy charities. What are the best ones to support?


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Presient Clinton or William J. Clinton Foundation

The President Clinton Fund is is a great organization to give money to. You can give money to Haiti and for other great causes.

Money can be donated online with a credit card.


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