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Colon Cancer Decline



Colon cancer has dropped by  7% between 2008-2010. Those who had up to date  on their colon screenings rose to 65%.  People are more aware; Physicians know the impact it makes on lives.

I read somewhere that Essentia’s large colon will be out in the community again. You can walk through it, see various types of colon cancer. Very interesting. I wish I had the pictures of it. I accidentally deleted them.

Breast and prostate screenings have been fired at for over diagnosing patients. Some cancers will never develop into anything, if left untreated.

Men for example will get prostate cancer in their life time, it increases with age. That is not to say that early diagnosis is not important. Testing may well save your life. There is more watchful waiting, though once diagnosed. Right now medical procedures are done whereas the patient may die of a heart attack versus low grade very slow growing prostate cancer. Genetic testing for prostate cancer will be more common place in t he future.

There are many early stage and DCIS (non-aggressive) breast cancers that are being over treated in this country. If we look at other counties, they don’t treat every type of breast cancer. The problem in our country is using the screenings tests for aggressive types of breast cancer, knowing the causes of the aggressive kinds, and of course more research being done on aggressive cancers.

I didn’t know that people with diabetes or pre-diabetes have too much insulin that stimulates growth of polyps in the colon. Should diabetic people be tested more often if they have a pholph  problem? It makes you wonder.

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of caner deaths in the United States. Actually 50,000 deaths are expected in 2014 from this disease, and there are more than 136,000 new colon cases.

Colon cancer rates have been cut in half over the last 35 years, so that is good news.

The Affordable Care Act requires all insurance polices to begin colon cancer screenings with no out of the pocket costs for Medicare.

Colon cancer can be hereditary as can prostate cancer. African Americans have 25% higher risk for colon cancer than white Americans. There is a 50% higher risk for colon cancer in Asian Americans due to genetics and economic factors. Know here I would not of thought that Asian Americans who eat so healthy would not this problem.

Starting at age 50 you should have colon cancer screening. If you have a family history, younger. (I remember meeting young adults who had had it in their  20’s ‘s and 30’s at a training workshop.)

Why do some people get colon cancer? Lack of physical exercise, obesity, diabetes , and/or genetics.


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Diabetes: are you at risk

Do you have a family history of diabetes or do you have any of

following  symptoms?

urinating often

being more thirsty than usual

being hungry more often than usual

unusual weight loss

tired more often than usual


blurry vision

problems with sex

wounds that won’t heal

numbness or tingling hands or feet

What is a Diabetic Plan? It could be keeping track of your ABC’s according to Cornerstones.

Determining Tests:

AL1-a test that the doctor orders. A score of 6.5 or higher is diabetes. Your fasting blood sugar is 126 mg/dL. You fast 8 hours prior. The result of your oral glucose test is 200 mg/dL or higher.  You have symptoms of  high or low blood sugar.

Blood Pressure-High blood pressure puts you at risk.

Cholesterol-High cholesterol puts you at risk.

Check out their website at:

Being over weight can put you at risk for diabetes, type 2.

Type 1 occurs in children, young adults and adults.

Other risk factors: It does not help to be over age 45. If you are Hispanic or African American you could be at risk. If you had diabetes while carrying or an unborn baby or had a baby 9 pounds or more you could be at risk.

Signs of  High Blood Sugar:

feel sleepy

blurry vision

infections or injuries that do not heal easily

mouth and skin are dry

need to pass urine more than normal

feel thirsty or hungry

Signs of Low Blood Sugar








heart races

vision is blurry


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Diabetes, Puts One at Risk

Diabetes rates have been skyrocketing in the southern United States according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The states are Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, and Appalachian States such as West Virginia.

There are higher rates of breast cancer among Type II diabetics. CBS recently had a report on about elevated blood glucose and insulin on cancer incidence and its progression.

What’s the solution? Shed pounds and monitor your blood sugar level. I know that is easier said than done.

High glucose levels, high normal and even normal glucose levels can put a person at risk for diabetes, Type II, dementia, stomach cancer, death from strokes, breast cancer heart attacks, coronary problems.

I have read that green tea extract can help maintain healthy insulin sensitivity.  Green tea is probably preferable. There many other ways to eat healthy, be healthy, and stay healthy.

High normal blood sugar harms the brain and causes brain shrinkage according to studies. This is in pre-diabetic people.


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Diabetes, Let’s Stop It

I saw a link to end diabetes in this country.  Diabetes is killing more people than breast cancer and AIDS combined. One in five people are getting Diabetes. We need to stop this epidemic.



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Blood Sugar

Did you know that if you don’t fast long enough you can have a high glucose level on a test? If you eat a lot of high sugar foods it can spike up. Then the doctor can have another test run that will will measure it a different way. I am unsure what it is called. I just know you don’t want high glucose levels.

There is an oral glucose test or tolerance test/OGTT that can be done where you drink this glucose rich drink and your blood glucose level is measured 2 hours afterwards.

 If it is normal it would be below 149 mg/dl two hours after you drink it.

If you are pre-diabetic it would be between 140-199.

 If it is more than 200 you would really be diabetic.

They would want your cholesterol and triglycerides checked to see if you are at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and maybe cancer.


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Visual Portions

I think when we need concreteness for dieting and when one has diabetes, portion sizes that are visual help.

One cup=one baseball

One half cup=the size of one light bulb

One third of a cup=one egg

3 ounces of meat =one deck of cards

1 ounce=the size of 4 dice

1 Tablespoon =your thumb

1 teaspoon=the size of a penny

2 Tablespoons=one golf ball

Some other visuals are:

Close your fingers on one hand=one cup

Only the palm of your hand is 3 oz., only eat this much meat at supper.

Check out this website if you have diabetes:

Remember the Plate Planner?

One fourth of your nine inch plate should be meat, fish, eggs, protein, or d airy products

One half should be veggies and salad. (non-starchy)

One fourth should be starchy choices such as potatoes, breast, grains.

Add one serving of fruit.

Add one serving of milk.

Add one oil or butter.

Did you know that alcohol lowers your blood surgar and that can be dangerous for diabetes?

Read the labels. One carb serving is equal to 15 grams of carbohydrates.

American Association of Diabetes Educators or AADE:

American Diabetes Assoication or ADA:

American Dietetic Association:


National Diabetes Education Program:


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Hearing Loss

Did you know that people with diabetes can have a hearing loss? In fact high frequency hearing loss can be up to 54% compared to those who do not have diabetes (32%). Mild hearing loss can be 21% compared to those without the disease (9%).

Signs of hearing loss:


-you need frequent reprtition

-have difficulty following conversations

-information sounds muffled

-difficulty hearing in noisy situations

-difficulty hearing children or women

-have to turn the tv or radio up

-don’t respond to questions or comments

-have ringing in your ears

-have to read peoples lips


-family history of hearing loss

-ototoxic drugs can cause hearing loss

-diabetes, heart, circulation, and thryroid can cause a eharing loss

-exposed to loud sounds over time


-stressed from try8ing to hear people and can’t understand them

-nervous about not hearing

-withdrawal from social situations

Who has a hearing loss?

-Ages 0-17-5%

-Ages 18-44-23%

Ages 45-64-29%

Ages 65 and older-43%



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Avandia, Diabetes Drug

Another interesting article in today’s paper was about the common drug Avandia, once a popular drug for diabetes and it’s link to heart failure (incr. by 25%), death (13%), stroke (incr. by 27%), and heart attacks (inc. by 28-39 %).

Different studies, different results…Should the drug stay on the market, should it be approved by the FDA?

Diabetes patients take other medications as metformin and surfonylurea.

Diabetes does put you at risk in the first place. You don’t want to get diabetes.

We will have to see what the jury comes out with this drug in comparison to others.


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You Can Improve Rheumatoid Arthritis

You can improve rheumatoid arthritis by eating enough omega 3’s.  It may be eating more fish or taking high doses of omega 3 pills.

It can also help those with autioiummune illness, stiffness, swelling, joint pain, those diabetes, obsity, or those with skin conditions.

Salmon, fish oil pills, tuna, anchovies, mackerel, and sardines are good sources of Omega 3’s.


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Got Diabetes?

See if you can have your selenium level tested. A study was done at the University of Montpellier. They found out that increased blood levels of selenium may decrease a man’s risk of abnormal blood surgar metabolism, and possibliy protect against diabetes. This study was done in France and involved 70 men and 57 women.

Selenium had a protective effect in men rather than women, possibly due to oxidant status.


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