Colon Cancer Decline

    Colon cancer has dropped by  7% between 2008-2010. Those who had up to date  on their colon screenings rose to 65%.  People are more aware; Physicians know the impact it makes on lives. I read somewhere that Essentia’s large colon will be out in the community again. You can walk through it, see…
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Diabetes: Are You At Risk

Do you have a family history of diabetes or do you have any of following  symptoms? urinating often being more thirsty than usual being hungry more often than usual unusual weight loss tired more often than usual irriatble blurry vision problems with sex wounds that won’t heal numbness or tingling hands or feet What is…
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Diabetes, Puts One At Risk

Diabetes rates have been skyrocketing in the southern United States according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The states are Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, and Appalachian States such as West Virginia. There are higher rates of breast cancer among Type II diabetics. CBS recently had a report on about elevated blood glucose and insulin on cancer incidence and its…
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Diabetes, Let’s Stop It

I saw a link to end diabetes in this country.  Diabetes is killing more people than breast cancer and AIDS combined. One in five people are getting Diabetes. We need to stop this epidemic. Visit:

Blood Sugar

Did you know that if you don’t fast long enough you can have a high glucose level on a test? If you eat a lot of high sugar foods it can spike up. Then the doctor can have another test run that will will measure it a different way. I am unsure what it is called.…
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