United Way, Duluth

I found it interesting that United Way (Duluth) cut it’s staff’s salaries on Fridays due to decreased giving. Yet, United Way has helped so many non-profits under then that are flourishing and are still asking for money. Some have unbelievable assets in this city. Check out: Guide Star, a non-profit site.

Guide Star

What is Guide Star? It is about non-profits. You can find out about non-profits in your region, quality charities, and make a difference. Write a review of a non-profit. www.GuideStar.org

Guide Star, A Non-Profit Information Site

What is Guide Star?  It’s a non-profit information site. It’s all about non-profits, a review of charities, making a difference by donationing to quality charities. You can also write a review on a non-profit. Check it out. You may find that some charities don’t even exist in our state. Tax deductiable donations may change? www.GuideStar.org/