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Laura Amendola

Cleaning I came across a Hillsider article, and it was someone I nominated for the 20 Under 40 Awards in the past. Laura Amendola impressed me, she is a dynamic speaker, business women, and she had attended the Melenium Develepment Conference. Looking at the goals…

-Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger-Folks are we  giving enough to the poor in this city?

-Achieve universal primary education for children-The United Way Big Red Book Shelf Project and Imagination Library is one way we can help in our community. We need to wrap our arms around this project. World wide, maybe sending books elsewhere in the world.

-Promote gender equality and empower women-The health care coverage will help women with the health insurance that so many of them don’t have; more women need to be considered for certain types of jobs; women and children have a high rate of homelessness.

-Reduce child mortality-World wide we need to help, mosquito nets to prevent malaria, etc. Are children referred to the right hospital if they have cancer, like St. Jude’s, the Mayo Clinic?

-Improve maternal health-Are women given the necessary tests  to see if they are healthy enough to have a child and not get sick afterwards?

-Combat HIV/AIDs, Malaria and Other Diseases-Is the money we give as a country going there, to the people, for the people?

-Ensure environmental sustainability-I think our country is working on this as is former Vice President Al Gore.

-Create a global partnership for development-I think our country is working hard at this. I wish we had more cash to invest in this area. Does it say something when the movie stars give so much money for Haiti?


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