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James Moor-Kickstarter/Against The Grain


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Twin Ports Bridge Festival

The Twin Ports Bridge Festival is Saturday, July 7 in Bayfront Festival Park, Duluth. They have a number of great sponsors and GREAT entertainment. Check out their website at:

I know James Moors and Kort McCumber will be singing. I have two of their CD’s, and they are great. I may be a little partial though.


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Help Needed Immediately

Superior Musican, James Moors and his Irish Friend, Kort McCumber have $523.00 left to raise (in less than 11 hours) through Kickstarter to fund their new CD called Gravity. The goal was to raise $7500.00. They have worked extremely had at this fundraising project.

If you have never heard of Kickstarter, it is a funding start up program for musicans, artists, writers and what not.

 Andy Elwell funded his CD, Brave Soul that will be coming out soon.

I am unsure why the link doesn’t work…just type in Moors and McCumber and you will get it.



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James Moors, Kort McCumber

Listen to James Moors and Kort McCumber Friday afternoon live at KUMD at 2:00 p.m.

Later that night they will be at the Red Mug Coffeehouse in Superior at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10.00 at the door.  The Red Mug Coffeehouse is located at 916 Hammond Avenue, Superior, Wisconsin, 1.715-392-2662.

Saturday night they will be at Minocqua Brewing Company at 8 p.m. located at 238 Lakeshore Dr., Minocqua, Wisconsin.

There will also be an afternoon show at Paps Charlies at Lutsen Mountain at 3:30 p.m. on the weekend.

Consider pre-ordering their CD, Gravity through their fundraiser. The link is below:


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New Kick Starter Project

Help fund a new kickstarter project, this time by James Moors and his friend. Go to: to find out out more information. The name of the CD to come out is Gravity.

James Moors is a sings a song on the Hope CD sold as a fundraiser for Circle of Hope, Welcome to Duluth.

Want to help with a Kickstarter Project?

I don’t know why the link doesn’t work well.  Click the link. Then click on the home pags and type in Moors and McCumber, and you will still get to it.




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James Moors and Caleb Hawley/Amazing Grace

James Moors and Caleb Hawley will be performing at Amazing Grace tomorrow night, Thursday at 7:00 p.m. There is a cover charge. They are both great. Caleb is from N.Y.

James Moors has a song on the Hope CD sold by SuperOne Grocery Stores and in many other locations: The Duluth Grill, Art in The Alley, Sweet Peas, and The Dubh Pub.  It sells for only $10.00.


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Don’t Miss This Concert

Don’t Miss:  The Hope Concert is tonight (Thursday, Oct. 27th)  at Sacred Heart Music Center located at 201 West 4th Street.

Tickets are only $10.00, and you can also buy them at the door if you didn’t purchase them at The Duluth Grill or at Sacred Heart’s online website.

It starts at 6:30 p.m. Meet and Greet Social starting at 6:30 p.m. 

 Appetizers (by the Duluth Grill/Tom Hanson), refreshements, snacks and much more. There is a large silent auction.  (We will be using a credit card machine too.)

Ted Schick is the MC. He’s so funny.

Who are these great singers on the Hope CD?

They are Bill and Kates Isles (You can’t help but LOVE them), Josh Revak (who has sung on the Huckabee Show 2 times, recorded in Nashville and is coming from Alaska, Jim’s former student, an Iraq vet, works in Repr. Youngs office with The Wounded Vet Program), Kim Storm (from Chicago, our board consultant), Jane Aas (a talented musican and singer), Peter Provost (well known in the music scene), Sara Thomsen (her songs stay in your mind), James Moors (my velveteern rabbit), Rachael Kilgour (Peggy’s former 2nd grade student), and Andy Elwell (from Mpls. who is well loved for his diary type songs).

These are all local/regional singers, some moved away and are coming back to share their music with you. You will love them. They will be singing various songs of their choosing, not necessarily from the compliation CD. Some have back up singer groups with them. These names didn’t all get into the program but will be announced.

Many musicians will have their CD’s with them to sell.

This is a kid friendly event.

This is a Circle of Hope fundraiser.

This would not be possible without our sponsors and donors. For you we are eternally grateful in making a difference in the lives of others and putting a song in everyones hearts and minds.


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Hope Concert

Buy your tickets on line at the Sacred Heart Music website, Duluth Grill, or at the door. There are only so many tickets and so I would say buy your tickets early.

Nine singers/bands/musican groups with a sampling of their music for an evening of bringing the circle together. We hope to not let it be unbroken.

Our Hope CD can be found in SuperOne Grocery stores, at The Duluth Grill, at four of the Curves in the region for members, it will be for sale at the Coppertop on Saturday, Our New Clothing Sale benefit for Circle of Hope, at the Hope Concert. Tickets and CD’s will be for sale at the Coppertop on Saturday as well.

Bill and Kate Isles, Josh Revak, Kim Storm, Jane Aas, Peter Provost, Sara Thomsen, James Moors, Rachael Kilgour, Andy Elwell. Some have back up singers with them. The MC is Ted Schick ,and you know how funny he can be.

This event is only a $10.00 donation. Tickets are limited. There is a silent auction, refreshments, appetizers, coffee by Alakef and much more.



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Hope CD To Be Sold in Super One Grocery Stores in The Region

Circle of Hope has a CD that is a compulation of singers/musicans from the region. These are talented singers with local roots. It will be sold in the SuperOne Grocery stores by the end of the week for only $10.00.

There are many themes throughout the CD. The singers and musicans include: Bill and Kate Isles, Josh Revak, Rachael Kilgour, Kim Storm, Andy Elwell, Peter Provost, James Moors, Sara Thomsen, Jane Aas. This CD makes a beautiful gift that will give anyone hope. (More details will be coming out about these singers/ musicans.)


 The beautiful photography throughout the CD case is Dennis O’Hara’s work. (He has items for sale at The Duluth Grill.)

A special  thanks to our graphic designer and friend, Carol, who has done all the graphic design work for us at a price that we can afford.

A special thanks to our sponsor, SuperOne grocery stores in the region who have supported our efforts.

Hope Concert tickets will be sold at the Duluth Grill starting in September. (along with musicans and board members)  A special thanks to The Duluth Grill who has supported Circle of Hope from” the get go.”

The concert is Oct. 27th at Sacred Heart. The price is $10.00 as well, and they will be pre-sold. There will be a limited number of seats.







Jane Aas

Bill and Kate

Peter Provost

A special thanks to Dave Hill at Inland Recording Studio, Steve Horner/producer and engineer, Peter Aas (mandolin), Steve Kuether, songwriter at, Eric Swanson at Sacred Heart Studio at, Copycats Media at, the Junior League of Duluth at www.juniorleagueduluth.orgKiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth at, Dennis O’ Hara from Northern Images Photography at, and our friend/graphic designer, Carol at

The Duluth Grill will be selling the concert tickets in September, 2011. To pre-order call  Peggy at 1.218.525.1905 or contact any board member.











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Great singers

These are some of the Great Singers that will be on the Hope CD (available in Super One Grocery Stores starting in September)  and part of the Hope Concert on Oct. 27th (Thursday) at Sacred Heart. Check out their music.

Bill and Kate Isles-

James Moors-

Andy Elwell-

Sara Thomsen-

Rachael Kilgour-

Josh Revak-

 Kim Storm-

Jane Aas,

Peter Provost,























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