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Black Ice Fall Can Be Very Dangerous

I fell on Friday on black ice on our sidewalk, as I hurried out of the house to go to the DECC as I was a volunteer for an event. I slipped, either broke my thumb or sprained it. Hit my head, cut my hand, and then my arm/shoulder got bent. I laid in the blood, my husband got out of his vehicle, he slipped and fell flat on the ground. He injured his knee. He is a macho man, got up, and helped me. He also volunteered, and we put in a whole weekend of it. This was his bad knee, bone rubbing against bone, so I hope he gets better each day.

I finally went to the doctor yesterday a.m. My finger is no longer black and blue but it throbs, and I have head pain on my left side, shooting pain that comes and goes. It may of knocked some sense out of me. The x-ray on my finger showed no break but I do have a sprain and have a brace. The problem could be more compounded with neurapathy and lymphedema on this side of my body. The way I fell was not good for my arm or should and most definitely not for my finger that I landed on it. I woke up this morning early in pain.  I swear the finger is dead. Pain pills are my best friend since Friday. Where are they? I think I need to go and take some.

Black ice is so dangerous. It is very dangerous for those with bone problems, neurapathy, lymphedema, bone rubbing on bone, etc. Be careful out there folks. Get out those winter boots. Tennis shoes are DANGEROUS; just ask me.


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Heide’s To Meet Your Personal Needs

Heide’s is the best kept secret in town. It is located at 701 N. 6th St. S., Duluth, 218-722-7860.

Here is where men and women can buy compression socks for traveling and for medical issues like limb swelling or lymphedema.

They also sell swimwear to any female. I have never seen mens swim where there. So if you are going on a cruise, here is where to buy it. I know my daughter bought a swimsuit there. They always have swimsuits on sale!

They also have mastectomy products and head scarves and caps for chemo patients.

They do have a website and catelog.


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Radiation Induced Lymphedema

There is some reasearch out there that radiation increases lymphedema in breast cancer patients.

Some patients also have lung and heart problems from radiation to the left side of the chest wall. There is just more trouble with patients radiated on the left side. Heart problems of course increase cardiovascular mortality.


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Lymphedema and MA Stockings and Arm Supports

Those patients in the state who are on MA (medical assistance) insurance and have lymphedema need to wear support hose or arm support hose depending on the source of their problem. They can no longer get coverage in our state. In fact, medical assistance in this state will no longer cover it. 

If you no longer are using your support hose for your arm or legs be sure to give them to Heidi’s in Duluth, stating they are for those without health coverage. (Be sure to wash them first.) 


They will give patients a special rate though even though insurance won’t pay for it.

The most needy and the poor are the ones who will suffer the most in this state.


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