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Karin Swor, Nominated by The West Duluth Women’s Club

Karen Swor was nominated by the West Duluth Women’s Club for the 2010 Port City Women of The Year.

In September of 2009 Karin received the honor of being named the Neighborhood Hero for West Duluth. Many areas of her volunteerism are affilated with Veterans groups where she’s an honorary member of the Duluth Combined HonorGuard. She has been a member of the American Legion Auciliary, North Wind Drum and Bugle, Blue Star Mothers, Veterans Service Committee for ten years, 125th Field Artillery Association, and Veterans Memorial Hall Advisory Committee.

She has served as the secretary and president of The West Duluth Women’s Club.

Other activities include the Mayor’s Comission on Diabilities, West Duluth Business and Civic Club, Memorial Day Parade, Spirit Valley Days, MS Walk A Thon, Duluth Air Show, Morgan Park Community Club, Denfeld Alumni, and Grandma’s marathon for 13 years.

Karin Swor is an amazing woman, and we can be proud that she is so much a part of helping our community to be a better place.


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Japanese Bomber Bid

It’s too bad in the Reader’s View today (Duluth News Tribune) the writer  felt bad about the Tora, Tora auction item that the Kiwanis had on the auction block. 

I can understand how we can have views on this, the  pros and con.s

Throughout the year there are events that are celebrated that are from someone’s blood, sweat,  tears and guts.

White crosses for the Mother’s Day walk, YWCA, and the money goes toward salary and programs.

Pink drinks at the Red Star (and other bar (etc.) events) for publishing, trips and a salary.

Walks for people who have gone through physical and sexual abuse and have died and been emotionally injured for life.

Dragon Boat race memorials about women who have died of breast cancer at The Opening of the Dragon by a couple of teams.

Susan Komen Walks in the cities where you wear a pinned on paper badge of someone who has died of breast cancer. This is one of the largest non-profits in the United States that does a lot of pink washing, that’s for sure.

Memorials in the newspaper even go toward salaries and operational costs.

Money raised for the breast cancer cause and then it is given for salaries to chosen people.

Maybe the ones below are different:

Memorial Day Parades, not for money but in memory.

Memorials at the cemetery.

Money given toward research.

Money that actually goes toward patient care.

We need to ask where does the money go to? Has it served it’s intended purpose in all aspects of our lives?


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