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Don’t forget to do your taxes. There are programs to help Seniors called Tax-Aide.  There is Community Action in Duluth and other programs that are free.

Check out this website:

We are lucky to have social security. They are urging upcoming baby boomers to start saving for retirement with investments and other medical long term disability programs.

In Minnesota the poverty level is 6.9. If we didn’t have social security it would be 45.5.

In Wisconsin the poverty level is 5.1, and if they didn’t have social security it would be 42.6.

I can’t image what it would be like with out Medicare.

The medical industry is increasing its prices, “as we sleep.”

Those who get cancer and life alternating illnesses are going bankrupt over the cost of medical insurance, the medical bills, the prescriptions, and the treatments. We see those with high incomes having benefits even, $60,000-$75,000.00. They are struggling with expenses. Those with higher incomes have ways to sell off versus those in poverty, those with no health insurance, those lacking social security points to go on social security disability, and lack anything salable.

Help, where is it? Most every hospital has a community care program whereas you give you personal information and soul to them to see if you qualify for their program. They will pay if you qualify. I think it is a very good program. It is the first step. There are local programs that pick up and national programs as well.



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Charity Begins at Home, and It Should Be In the Community

Today we heard a great presentation by a Community Action leader. Did you know that 21,104 Duluthians (25%) meet the federal definition of poverty? Did you know that 18,571 or 22% are living just above the federal guidelines for poverty? Combined that means that 47% of the families in Duluth are struggling to survive. The majority are working poor and the underemployed. I think that is pretty impactful, don’t you.

It sounds like they do great work with many of their programs, helping folks with their income tax, etc.

I am wondering about all the money folks donate in the community. Is it really helping the poor? Or is it money being turned into assets? Go to look ups and non-profits.  Put in a zipcode.

Patients have to understand what their children are going through when they are poor. It’s not easy being a teeenager and being poor. I remember we had students living in cars and trying to find a place for them to sleep. I hope that sitatution has improved since we were teachers in ISD 709.

Some people want others to raise money for their salaries. I think we should raise money to provide help for clients in poverty, not money for the rich and well off. That’s my opinion and it doesn’t cost a penny. It is FREE.



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Help Jesus

Live by the Golden Rule, love one another, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  For years we have heard about the Golden Rule. Some of us live it; others don’t.

We have heard about being a helper to Jesus. Have you helped Jesus lately? Have your loved your neighbor? Have you extended some bit of kindness or goodwill?

Washington Irving said, “A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen with smiles.” I think about all the years we were full time workers and all the money we gave to the community, we could afford it then. Now we give what we can.

Brandi Snyder once said, “To the world, you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” Think about those donations, whether financial or an item, it can mean the world to someone else. That toy you donated for a child may be their only Christmas gift.

That food you donate to Chum may be a part of a families holiday meal. They know someone cares when they trudge up the hill with their box of food. It may be heavy but the load in their hearts and minds will be not be as heavy. Some worry if they will be able to feed their children the next day. Will they ever get a job?

Children are our gifts. As Henry Ward Beecher would say, “Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” I think the joy and love of children is a part of heaven. The sweet and precious words that come out of their mouths.

Have you helped to ease someone elses burden this holiday season? Have you made a difference?

I get these pamphlets in the mail by the Christophers (a non-profit) that give me inspiration. They have in this months issue the Rule for Golden Living, and loving thy neighbor. Sometimes we have to rise above the hurt, understand our true purpose on earth, and listen to what he wants us to do from words in the scriptures. Have we encouraged and done the works that HE wants of us?

Light a candle for someone else’s darkness this holday season. Help them with basic needs.



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Chum: Living in Cars and The Woods

Chums Outreach program is in need of sleeping bags and tents. That’s right, donate sleeping bags and tents for those homeless folks who are living in the woods. It is getting colder and in f act, we are going to have a cold spell this week. Do you have sleeping bags or tents to donate to Chum?

Oct. 29th is Help Feed Our Neighbors/Share. With the high price of everything going up, some are hurt more than others. They don’t get to eat steak or 7 course meals.

You can pick up a list of the most needed items at the grocery store, leave them in a bin at the grocery store or call Meg Kearns at 1.218.727.2391. Sometimes it is just a matter of cleaning out our cupboards. Will we really use it? Should we donate it? If you saw the two small boxes or bags they trudge up the hill with, you would want to donate.

Chum helps the quality of life of those most in need. Volunteers and donors are needed. The food shelf needs: tuna, canned meals, canned or powdered dairy products, cheese, canned fruits, canned vegetables, and canned soups.

The Chum Nurse is looking for clippers, nail files, moisturizing lotion, anti fungal cream and antibiotic ointment. Can you help?

The Chum Center is looking for microwaves, shampoo and toothpaste.

Can you hire a person who is affilated with Chum at entry level? Call Mark at 1.218.720-6521, if you can help.

Can you volunteer? Call Elizabeth at 1.218.720.5421,

Oct. 5th from 1-5 p.m., First United Methodist Church is having a Pumpkin Pie Sale. The students at the College of St. Scholastic students are making them to support the Chum Food Shelf.

How have you helped your neighbor? Those less fortunate?


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It’s All In The Wording

The pastor today in church was talking about Pastor Rick Warren stated that, “Christians are like tea bags, you don’t know how they will react until they are are placed in hot water.” That was kind of funny.  Then another comment he made was about G. K…stating that everyone in a small town deveryone knew the color of your underwear when it was hanging out. Gosh, you don’t have to be in a small town, one of our neighbors hangs her very large white underwear out in a big long row. Years go and some people still wear bloomers. You can’t help but wonder, “Why?” I say, Let’s hanger people’s underwear outside.” What’s the truth, the real truth?

Then we have these people who raise money “to provide services” which is to line their pockets while others are suffering. Why don’t they just put the correct wording down? Some people  raise money  for their large salaries and savings, while many are suffering.  Look at the big salaries of who they are married to in our community. Look at your neighbors. How many houses do they own, cars, campers? Shepherds need to open people’s eyes to what is really happening in communities, cities, and towns across the United States. Cause marketing can be deceiving, if you don’t ask questions.

Last night they were talking about “debt” in the United States.

14 million people are in debt

1 in 7 people are on food stamps

Poverty in children has increased, as it has in their families. Did you know that children, lots and lots of children are dying every day in third world countries from no food?

Everyone needs to engage in finances: both the husband and the wife.

The debt dig out…

There’s lots are applying for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

In fact, 1.5 million people have filed for bankrucy.

The average American has $15,000.00 in credit card debt.

They estimate that there are those who have stop looking for a job, possibly another 25 million. Add that to the 1.4 million already unemployed.

It’s not just the undereducated, it is the educated that are having a hard time finding a job. Some have to accept a low paying job to survive, going against how they were educated. Some have gone back to pick up other credits and additional training  to obtain another job. There are still demand jobs out there, some job specific in the health care industry.  One needs to look at the industries in their cities.

I think things will be get a lot worse before they get better.

We are citizens need to be prepared for the bad times…Save money for those emergency situations. (64% of Americans don’t have 1,000.00 for an emergency let alone their burial expenses)

Who is your back up? Who can you get help from? If it is a family member or a friend, be sure to pay them back right away. Be greatful, be thankful.


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Duluth Poverty

The Duluth News Tribune recently had an article about poverty in the paper. 1 out of every 4 people experience poverty in Duluth. There’s the poor and the rich in this city. Yesterday, Steve O’Neill spoke about poverty. He’s a great speaker on this topic.


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Charlotte/Char Kerelko, Port City Nominee

Charlotte or Char Kerelko was nominated by the Duluth Area Retired Educators Association for the Port City Woman of The Year. Char worked for Duluth Public Schools as a social worker for 26 years, usually serving in schools with large numbers of low income students. Poverty, especially has an effect on children, and this has been a lifelong interest to Char.

She has worked as a volunteer coordinator with the Kids Closet organization for the past 10 years.The Kids Closet celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2007 with a fashion show and open house which was spear headed by her. She was also very instrumental in helping this organization obtain their non-profit status.

Char’s other volunteer experiences include her church where she has served as a choir director since 1984. She was a member and past chairperson for the Catholic School Board of Superior for four years.

Currently she is a board member for the Floodwood Services and Training Corporation which serves a disabiled population of more than 60 people.

Char is caring and passionate person. For many years I was in the same non-profit room with her at Festival of Trees.


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