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Inspire, Honor, and Give

Give and Help:   Have you ever heard of All year long you can give to Minnesota non-profit organizations that you care about. I just applied to Razoo for our non-profit, so we can set up our page. (That may take me a week or two with my busy schedule.)

Inspire Yourself by Learning All There Is To Learn:  This a great website that I signed up to have delivered to my mailbox via computer air mail. It is Today. The website is located at: You will learn all you need to know and want to accomplish great things from this website. Today’s e-mail message was about avoiding the flu and building up one’s immune system. This is important with all the big and little bugs going around. The nursing homes sure have a lot of flu.

Honor Being  A Women and Menopause:  This is part of life and maturity. This is  a great website  that sent out a mssage  about menopause today; all the signs, symptoms, and treatments. Believe me, if men had to live with hot flashes, they wouldn’t stand for it. My husband took  Niacin for one day, had a hot flash, and that was the end of that story.  Check out this website: I think there is a lot of helpful information on it, if you are a women, sweating to the oldies in bed at night, using a fan in church, and undressing in the most inappropriate places.  Men go through hot flashes with some  cancer drugs.


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Iron Range Veterans Memorial

The Iron Range Veterans Memorial is in the running for a contest called Razoo.  They will be collecting donations starting March 15th at 12 a.m. Razoo Central comes out of Washington DC and the memorial is one of 32 organizations in the March contest. Pretty exciting.


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