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1 in 3 children have been cyberbullied

Safe Haven Resource Center has a free two hour class on Cyber bulling.  There are five classes. This is  is possible because of the Verizon Foundation.

Call 1.218.740.6601 to sign up for the class if you are a student. Ask for Maude.

1 in 5 students have received online sexual advances and only 10% have told their parents.



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Family Justice Center

The Family Justice Center is located at 414 W. First Street, across from City Hall. It is part of the Safe Haven Shelter. This location is a one stop place to get help for many issues you or your family may be experiencing from domestic abuse. The phone number is 1.218.623.1000. The hours that it is open are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. There is always a Safe Haven crisis line 24/7, and the phone number is 1.218.6481.

The Family Justice Center provides a full range of services that include assitance with developing a safety plan, obtaining a restraining order, dismissing a restraining order, establishing a child visitation schedule, discussing charges against an abuser with a Duluth Police Investigator contacting an attorney to discuss divorce, custody, or parenting times. It may involve contacting a sexual assault advocate to talk about sexual assault or even sexual abuse. The Justice Cener provides a space to meet with prosecutors for St. Louis County, Duluth or Hermantown. There may also be contact with an abuser’s probration officer and providing space to meet with the probation officer.

They also have a wellness clinic that can provide a private exam, a chair massage, there’s a healing touch practioner, spiritual support counselor, health care access advocates, a psycologist, hair stylist, and chid care if needed.

There is help with housing assistance. There may be referral to the temporary shelter at Safe Haven Shelter for Battered Women or other shelters in the region. There may be help with obtaining transitional or permanent housing, and settling issues with landords.

Legal asistance is also offered here. You may meet with legal advocates for help with restaining orders and much more. You may meet with a legal aid attorney for info and possible representation.

Personal support is also offered at the Justice Center. They have support and education groups offered 3 times weekly. There is weekly AA/NA meetings, onsite psychologist support and counceling, and professional hair care. Child care is available so a mother can utilize the services there. Transportation is also offered.

The Family Justice Center offers women internet access, W-Fi access, a full kitchen, shower, a comfortable lounge for waiting, relaxing and reading matterial. There is a wide screen TV with DVD player. There are private conference rooms for private meetings, emergency 911 calls. There are several support groups for survivors of domestic abuse.


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Safe Haven Shelter; Lake Superior Justice Center

Safe Haven Shelter experienced the loss of Cathyrn Curley, a founder of the Safe Haven Shelter for Battered women and Director of the Family Justice Center in October 2010. Beth Beagan took her place but has now moved back home. She did an excepional  job considering these were hard shoes to fill.  

More volunteers are needed to serve the needs at the Family Justice Center and Safe Haven Shelter. These are two facilities, and they each serve two different purposes.The Safe Haven Shelter is residential. The Justice Center is a one stop place for all the needs  women and their children may need. They can connect with services here. 

The Family Justice Center phone number is 218.623.1000. (It is open during the week.)

 The Safe Haven Shelter 24-hour crisis and help line is 1.218.728.6481.

Safe Haven is the largest direct service agency serving domestic violence victims in Duluth. In 2010 they served 1740 women and children. Check out their website at:

During these most difficult financial times there is still much more work to be done. The Shelter program serves the most vulnerable population.

You can volunteer, be a financial donor, sharing the message of domestic abuse in our community or donate in kind. Know that whatever you do, it does make a differenc ein the lives of others.


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Wrap Your Arms Around Me With Help


Please Wrap Your Arms Around Me With Help

What is it like to be homeless and feel in a state  of  total disarray ? That’s how it is for many women and children that end up living temporarily at Safe Haven Shelter or come to the Justice Center (pictured at the right) to find out the resources available to them in our community.

Please open your eyes, ears, and hearts to what the staff, board members, and victims say at presenations that are available all year long. These  presentations educate the public who can make a difference in the lives of others.  At Safe Haven Shelter they are called “The Inside Story,”  and at the Justice Center termed, “If These Walls Could Talk.” You will leave educated, inspired,  able to share this information with other folks in our region, your church,  school or any organization you belong to. Even work places  need to know this information, as they are affected.

Safe Haven Shelter and the Lake Superior Justice Center are programs to give families hope and healing. It is an amazing program. Some women come to their door steps with nothing; not a purse, and maybe  just a paper bag of their belongings.

Some do not know the resources available to them. It is hard for them because this abuse blackens and haunts their minds everyday, as they try to reclaim their lives and future. This situation  has spiraled out of control.  Some go back to the abusers after sweet talk. 

The holidays are not always easy for many people who come from troubled marriages and unhappy childhoods. There are many unspoken voices, stories, and words in this community. 

I remember being a substitute teacher for my husband one day. A teen refused to work, and I could not understand why. I went to a meeting at the shelter, and I saw him. There was more to his story that I couldn’t have imagined.

Safe Haven Shelter and the Justice Center are “true life lines.”

The Lake Superior Justice Center is located next to the Duluth News Tribune and is “a one stop place ” where women and their children can get  the resources they need. Cathyrn Curley had a dream, and it was created in her life time. Now Beth and Safe Haven Shelter are continuing to work on that dream. You can be part of that dream.

This holiday season I remember being invited to wrap Christmas gifts for the kids, and it is a memoriable moment in my life.

218.730.2664-Ask for Susan.


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Safe Haven Shelter for Battered Women and The Family Justice Center

The Safe Haven Shelter for Battered Women provides 24-Hour Crisis and a Help Line; just call 218.728.6281.

Their website has details about The Inside Story tours:

The Family Justice Center is located at 414 West First Street, Duluth. The phone numbers is 218.623.1000. This is a one stop place to get all your needs met. They also have tours called, If These Walls Could Talk. Check the website for the dates. You must pre-register.

The Safe Haven Shelter and The Family Justice Center change the lives of the women and children they reach out to. You can make a difference by a donation,  volunteering,  selecting this organization as a mission (they have a list of needs to help their clients), by donating cell phones, and coming to a tours. Take the information you learn from these tours and share it with everyone you know. They do not ask for money on these tours. It is purely educational. They will also come and speak at your business site as well. Domestic abuse does effect business employees.


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Verizon Wireless Takes A Leadership Role in Domestic Violence

According to Verizon’s brochure, studies show that 23.6 percent of women and 11.5 percent of men report at least one episode of intimate partner viollence. That is 1 in 5 employed adults are impaced by domestic violence.

The company has launched the its HopeLife phone recyling program nationwide in Oct. 2001 that gives consumers a way to prevent domestic violence. Individuals and businesses can donate wireless phones and accessories to any Verizon Wireless Store and there are collection drives througout the year.

October is Domestic Violence month. You can help, donate your used phones at Verizon Store or most Super One Grocery stores in the Duluth region.


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Domestic Violence in Our Society

$5.8 Billion-There is monetary impact on the workplace from health care costs, lost of productivity and earnings and paid work lost.

32%-This is the percentage of women that are victimized again with the first six months following an episode of domestic violence.

1 in 5-Female high school students report being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner.

40-60%-This is the percentage of men who along with abusing their partner, have also abused children.

-For a complete list of citations, contact Ed Heisler at 218-728-2416, Safe Haven Shelter.


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Safe Haven Shelter and The Lake Superior Family Justice Center

The Safe Haven Shelter has some upcoming presentations. You would have to call to reserve a spot.

September 21, 11:30 a.m.

September 30, 5:00 p.m.

October 7th, 11:30 a.m.

Call Susan Utech if you are interested in attending. #218-730-2478. This is by reservation only.

Check out their website at:



Safe Haven Shelter-Facts about Domestic Violence

What are the facts about domestic violence?

Fact 1-Battering is the leading cuase of injury to women in this country. In fact, 1 in 3 American femals have been physically or sexually abused. If we look at Duluth there are 15,00 women in our city that will be abused in their lifetime.

Fact 2-Women who leave their batters are at a 75% greater risk of being killed by the batterer than those who stay. It takes an average of 7 times or a women to leave their abuser.

Fact 3-As of June 2009, there wrer 549 reported incidents of domestic violence in Southern St. Louis Country which includes Duluth, Hermantown and Proctor. There werer 362 immediate arrests.


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Safe Haven Shelter, Let It Be Your Mission of The Month

Our church has Safe Haven Shelter for Battered Women as their mission a month once a year. Some churches have different names for it. One church calls it their giving basket.

Here are the needs for the Shelter:

Household: sheets, pillow cases, mattress pads, dishes, flatware, towels, pots, pans, copy paper, post it notes, pens, notebooks, stamps, folders, pencils, backpacks, crayons, markers, used cell phones, new home made blankets, gently used blankets

Children’s items: shirts, pants, socks (new), pajamas, sweat shirts

Women’s clothing: blouses, sweaters, pants, new underwar, new white crew socks, bras, gently used and new purses, cell phones (used)

For more information call:

1-218-728-6481, ask for Susan

Check out their website at:

Choose Safe Haven Shelter as your mission of the month for church, a service organization, as a family project, or ask relatives to collect the needed items.Together we can make a difference.

If you are interested in having someone speak on domestic abuse call this same phone number.


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