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Seaweed With Iodine Could Save Your Life

A study published in 2001 found that Mekabu seaweed killed cancer cells and stopped the growth of tumor more effectively than a common chemo drug used for chemotherapy. Normal, healthy cells did not die.

There are many seaweeds that are high in iodine. I was shocked to read that low amounts of iodine in the diet are thought to contribute to ones risk of breast cancer. More women with thyroid diseases have a higher incident of breast cancer. Wow that blows me away! How many women are never given a thyroid test when they lose weight, gain weight, or just plain tired?

Eat your Wakame and Mekabu seaweed! Women in Japan has had good luck with their healthy diets, and it has had an effect on low incidents of breast cancer. Eat soy, green tea, fresh mushrooms, vegetables, fish, and seaweed.

How does it work? Iodine is taken up by the thyroid gland. Could radioactive iodine treat thyroid cancer someday? I remember when a relative of mine was treated with radioactive treatments for metastic breast cancer and lived a long time. (This was long ago.)


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